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Silver is another precious metal, next to gold, that plays an important role in the investment context. Like gold, silver has many uses and is popular with investors for a variety of reasons.


Major silver deposits are located in various parts of the world, including Mexico, Peru, China, Poland and Australia. The silver mining process involves mining, crushing rocks, and then refining the ore to obtain the purest metal.


One of the main factors influencing the price of silver is its wide industrial use. Due to its excellent electrical conductivity, it is widely used in electronics manufacturing, including wires, solar cells and semiconductor components. It is also used in the production of jewelry, cutlery and decorations.


Like gold, silver is often seen as a form of hedge against inflation and financial market volatility. Investors looking for alternative assets to traditional currencies or stocks often pay attention to silver as an element of portfolio diversification. Silver prices are subject to market influences and fluctuate depending on supply, demand, and economic and geopolitical factors.

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