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The C. Hafner gold bar is a guarantee of a safe investment. The Mint C. Hafner is accredited, among others, by LBMA - London Bullion Market Association, which is awarded to the most respected and trusted entities. Such a distinction significantly affects the guarantee regarding the legality, purity of the ore and the origin of the metal.  This makes C. Hafner gold bars a safe form of investment.


The gold bars of this renowned German manufacturer are made of the highest purity gold (99.99% pure gold). The bar is packed with a certificate that protects it from damage and guarantees its authenticity. The packaging has a unique serial number of the bar and information about its weight and purity of the bullion.

20 g gold bar

6 129,00 złPrice
  • Czas realizacji: do 15 dni roboczych

    • Kruszec: złoto
    • Próba: 999.9
    • Kraj pochodzenia: Niemcy
    • Producent: C.Hafner
    • Waga: 20 g
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