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DODUCO is a recognized German producer of silver bars with over 90 years of experience and knowledge in the recovery and processing of precious metals. With an annual production of 500 tons of silver, DODUCO is one of the leading refineries in Europe.


DODUCO is an internationally accredited silver processor and producer and an associate member of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association). Such a distinction significantly affects the guarantee regarding the legality, purity of the ore and the origin of the metal.  This makes DODUCO silver bars a safe form of investment. Silver bars of this renowned German producer are made of the highest purity bullion (they contain 99.99% pure silver).

1000g silver bar

6 242,00 złPrice
  • Czas realizacji: do 3 dni roboczych

    • Kruszec: srebro
    • Próba: 999.9
    • Kraj pochodzenia: Polska
    • Producent: GERMANIA MINT
    • Waga: 1000 g
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