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The American Bison is the first 24 carat gold bullion coin minted in the United States. It weighs one troy ounce (about 31.1 g) and has a face value of $ 50. The coin has been minted by the United States Mint since 2006. Collector's versions are sold with a certificate of authenticity (American Buffalo One Ounce Gold Proof Coin).

The coin design by JE Fraser (a student of Augustus Saint-Gaudens) was originally developed for a 5-cent coin minted since 1913 and has been adapted to the American Buffalo coin today. 


The obverse shows the profile of an Indian - a native of both Americas, the inscription "LIBERTY", the year and the letter "F" - the author's initial.


The reverse of the coin is decorated with the title buffalo. Above it is located  the inscription "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and the inscription  "E PLURIBUS UNUM" (from Latin, with many one). In addition, the reverse contains information about the weight of the gold and the purity of the gold. You will also find the face value of the coin and the inscription "IN GOD WE TRUST".



American Bison 1 oz gold

9 773,00 złPrice
  • Czas realizacji: do 8 dni roboczych

    • Kruszec: złoto
    • Próba: 24K (999.9 / 1000)
    • Waga: 1 uncja (1 oz = 31,103 g)
    • Nominał: 50 $
    • Kraj pochodzenia: USA
    • Producent: United States Mint
    • Średnica: 32,7 mm
    • Grubość: 2,95 mm
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