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Platinum is a precious metal that has gained importance both in industry and in the investment context. Platinum is widely used in the chemical, automotive and energy industries. It is one of the main components of car catalytic converters that reduce emissions of harmful substances from vehicles. The automotive market is crucial to the price of platinum. Changes in the automotive industry, such as the development of electric cars, may affect the demand and price of platinum. Additionally, platinum is used in the production of cellular fuels, in the electronics and medical industries.

As in the case of gold and silver, investments in platinum are mainly made by purchasing physical bars, coins or jewelry made of this metal.

The price of platinum is set on global markets and fluctuates depending on various factors such as supply, demand, economic conditions and technological changes. Typically, the price of platinum (on a per ounce basis) is higher than the price of silver but lower than the price of gold.

Platinum can be an element of diversification of an investment portfolio. Investors looking for alternative assets to traditional investments may consider adding platinum to their portfolio to diversify risk. 

To sum up, platinum is a metal raw material with many industrial applications, which affects its importance on financial markets. Investing in platinum may be an interesting option for investors looking to diversify their portfolio and following trends in the automotive, chemical or energy industries.








Copper is a metal that plays an important role in industry and construction, but is also of interest to investors. 


Copper is widely used in industry due to its excellent thermal and electrical conductive properties. It is essential in the production of electrical wires, cables, transformers and other electrical devices. Moreover, copper is used in the construction industry, the production of household appliances, as well as in the production of coins and ornaments.


Investments in copper can be made in various ways. Investors often purchase copper futures on a commodity exchange or invest in commodity mutual funds. Nevertheless, investors are increasingly choosing to physically own copper in the form of investment bars.


The price of copper is often considered an economic indicator, called the "copper index". The increase in demand for copper may indicate growing economic activity, especially in the construction and industrial sectors. The price of copper is strongly dependent on the condition of the global economy. During periods of economic growth, demand for copper tends to increase, which may affect its price. On the other hand, during periods of recession or economic slowdown, the demand for copper may decrease, which may lead to a reduction in its value.

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