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Pack of 500 Canadian Maple Leaf silver bullion coins  2021 is a very profitable form of investment. The package contains 500 pieces of 1 ounce coins in mint condition 999.9 silver. The coins are packed in protective packages of 25  pieces each, and the whole is delivered in one protective collective packaging.


Silver Canadian Maple Leaf , one of the world's best selling silver bullion coins. It was introduced to circulation by the Royal Canadian Mint in 1988. The Canadian Silver Maple Leaf was the world's first investment coin to use silver of the highest purity and a fineness of 999.9 / 1000.


The obverse of the 2021 1 oz silver Canadian Maple Leaf features an image of Queen Elizabeth II. Her name is above and below the face value of the coin marked "5 DOLLARS".


Reverse of the coin   decorated with a sugar maple leaf. This historical painting was created in 1979 by Walter Otto.


Canadian Silver Coins  Leaf  Maple  2021 have a number of security features built into the physical design of the coin. Both sides of the coin are engraved with radial lines that reflect light in a unique way and serve as an effective counterfeit deterrent. There is a laser-engraved micro-mark of a maple leaf on the reverse. The year of issue is shown inside this mark and is only visible when enlarged.

Canadian Maple Leaf 1 oz Silver 2021 Bundle of 500

84 656,00 złPrice
  • Czas realizacji: do 8 dni roboczych

    • Kruszec: srebro
    • Próba: 999.9
    • Waga: 1 uncja (1 oz = 31,103 g)
    • Nominał: 5$
    • Kraj pochodzenia: Kanada
    • Producent: Royal Canadian Mint
    • Średnica: 38 mm
    • Grubość: 3,29 mm
    • Ilość: 500 szt.
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