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The Chinese Panda is a gold bullion coin produced since 1982 ( Panda is a symbol of the People's Republic of China - a protected and most endangered species of animals) . The coin was produced in China by the respected precious metal producer China Gold Coin Corp. The Golden Panda has a unique design that changes every year from 1982 onwards, except for the 2001 and 2002 coins which have the same design. This fact makes the coin very popular not only among investors but also among collectors.


The Chinese Panda 2021 gold bullion coin is minted from pure 24-carat 999 gold bullion. It is legal tender, issued only by the People's Bank of China and is guaranteed by the Chinese government as to the weight and purity of the metal.


The obverse of the coin shows two pandas. The face value in Yuan is shown on the right. The obverse of the coin also contains information about the weight of the coin and its alloy.


The reverse of the coin shows the famous Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan), which is a complex of religious buildings located in the center of Beijing. Above the Temple of Heaven we find the text in Chinese, meaning "People's Republic of China", and at the bottom the year of mintage. The reverse side of the coin has not changed from the very beginning of the minting.

Chinese Panda 30g gold 2021

9 302,00 złPrice
  • Czas realizacji: do 8 dni roboczych

    • Kruszec: złoto
    • Próba: 999
    • Waga: 30 g
    • Nominał: 500 ¥
    • Kraj pochodzenia: Chiny
    • Producent: China Gold Coin Incorporation
    • Średnica: 32 mm
    • Grubość: 2,7 mm
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